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The blood-splattered pinnacle (must see):

 photo 10_zpsc7f2a628.jpg
 photo 9_zpsb52c639c.jpg
 photo 8_zpsd7f7006b.jpg

Just missing a vat or two of guts or glory (definitely worth a watch):
 photo 7_zps4868c126.jpg
 photo 6_zps5706b01f.jpg

Edging into dangerous territory (meh):
 photo 5_zps20658c20.jpg
 photo 4_zps95ade4aa.jpg
 photo 3_zpsf104e0e1.jpg

Avoid at all costs (don't blame me if you watch these):
 photo 2_zpsc1bf17db.jpg

So boring/horrendous/romantic or Shaitani Dracula you'll never be the same again (nooooo):
 photo 1_zpsc13cd921.jpg

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