Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Movie #2 - Tenebrae (1982) - Review

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Year of Horror - Movie 2


YEAR: 1982

Sub-Genre: Giallo

Director: Dario Argento

Main Cast: Anthony Franciosa (as Peter Neal), Giuliano Gemma (as Detective Germani), John Saxon (as Bullmer),  Christian Borromeo (as Gianni)

Dario Argento is probably my favourite director of all time. His films are like a glorious treat for your eyes, and his storylines are often complicated but always intriguing. In Tenebre, Argento tells the story of Peter Neal, a writer who has come to Rome only to have someone use his novels as motivation for murder. This is one of Argento's most linear and coherent movies, but don't let that fool you - there is plenty going on here, the kills are spectacular and the utter brilliance of the storyline, with perfect pacing thrusting you into the glorious, unexpected, wonderful ending creates a film which is nigh on perfect.

Tenebre, along with Opera, is my favourite Argento film. I cannot recommend this highly enough, everyone who likes horror, hell, anyone who just likes films in general, needs to watch this.

Later in the year I will be doing a collaborative review on Tenebre, which will be very detailed and in-depth. I hope you will read that, but for now, do yourself a favour and watch this film!!!

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