Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Indie Horror - 'Untitled Horror Film' - Upcoming UK horror movie

As you guys know, I am passionate about all things horror, but I have a particular affinity for UK horror, and the movie I'm talking about today is Untitled Horror Film, a movie which was shot in the UK in just 5 days! Here I give you the synopsis and some exclusive new stills of the movie.

Written and directed by J.P. Bankes-Mercer (, the film tells the story of Heidi Slater, a woman desperate for her big break in journalism, as she tries to expose a celebrated psychic, Tobias Danzig. She takes him and a documentary crew into an all-but-forgotten building - Netherwood House, and from there on in, the horror kicks in! As the documentary crew begin to capture strange phenomena inside the once infamous building, their cameraman J.P. starts to shoot his own type of horror movie....

From the intriguing synopsis and the first stills of Untitled Horror Film, which look laden with atmosphere, it looks like we're in for a good slice of indie horror this year. I'm excited for this movie. I think it sounds like a creepy, interesting and different take on the abandoned location horror film, and has tones of Grave Encounters, Session 9 and even Behind The Mask. It should be fun!

I will keep you updated with news of this project, as I feel like it is a film with the potential to give all horror fans a treat.

Support indie horror! Check back here often for updates on Untitled Horror Film.

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